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Just me and the kids

13 May

In honour of Mothers Day, I handed off my camera (for once), and got the hubby to grab a shot of Moses, Miri and me. It was a spur of the moment thing, and if I’d planned it I’d have combed my hair and put on nicer clothes. But both kids are looking at the camera, so I’m happy!

Happy Mothers Day! Get out from behind the camera and get in a picture with your kids–you matter too!




Make Life Take the Lemons Back

10 Mar

 My husband is a lover of video games, and I can’t complain. They’re cheaper than a membership to a golf course, he hangs out at home instead of  hunting all weekend, and there are no worries about motorcycles crashing or bungee cords snapping. While he wishes for some wifely company on his quests, I’m just not that into it. Every once in a while, though, something from a game grabs me. Oddly enough, a game was the motivation behind the conception of this blog.

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade– Make life take the lemons back!” Portal 2

This quote, iconic among gamers, sums up my current mission. I was inspired, to not just sit around and let life happen to me, but to make the life I want for myself.

As you can imagine, living as a couple of 20-somethings with two kids and no money includes its share of challenges. Having graduated with a degree in Applied Behaviour Sciences during the height of a recession, my resume has been passed over (too many times!) in favor of those with more experience. So while volunteering to get more hard skills under my belt, I’ve decided to follow another one of my lifelong dreams (and hopefully make a little money!) and pursue freelance writing.

A fabulous workshop through Writescape taught me the ins and outs of the Freelance biz, including the fact that the best way for new writers to showcase their work is by blogging.

Enter: Durham Mom, where I’ll be writing about my experiences as a mom of two,  living, working and playing in Durham. Life gave me lemons. I considered making lemonade–spiked with vodka–but screw that!

Hey life! “I don’t want your damn lemons–what am I supposed to do with these!?”

-Durham Mom